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Quick Guide to Instagram Marketing in 2019


Instagram has developed from a photo-sharing app to a crucial marketing platform that brands use to target their potential consumers.

When it initially began in 2010, it was merely a social networks platform for individuals to share photos (remember Pinterest?). And now it has ended up being a crucial social networks marketing platform crawling with brand names, influencers, and online marketers.

Why Instagram Marketing?

Because it’s popular! Since April 2019, Instagram had more than 1 billion active users which make it crucial for any brand name or an online marketer to use it for expanding their products. You probably don't realize, but before Instagram, entrepreneurs had to convince the loan sharks or anyone willing to invest in their idea. Now with Instagram, you just have to channel your product features into “posts” with proper hashtags (explained below) so that you can directly connect to your users, hence cutting out the middle man.

Now that you understand the significance of Instagram as a marketing platform let's take a better look at methods how exactly to do it.

Optimizing the Instagram Profile

With a quality profile image and an original brand name visual, there are other things you should be concerned about if they are not present on your Instagram Profile. They are:

  • Select a profile name that precisely represents your brand name.
  • Make an appealing bio to inform your story.
  • Include a link to your site in your bio, ideally a shortened URL that looks cool and is trackable.
  • You can also promote your top quality hashtag in your bio.

What Type of Content should be posted as Stories?

Instagram Stories play a significant role in introducing your ideas about your product. Here are a few of the many ideas:

  • Promote a gift or contest
  • You can ask individuals to follow your social media profiles to be qualified to get involved, as this will assist increase your fans.
  • Ask a question
  • Asking an appropriate question will trigger your audience's interest and motivate them to respond to. The very best part is that you can then publish all of the responses that you receive from your fans. By doing this, you will have sufficient Instagram Stories material for two days, without needing to produce brand-new content each time.
  • Show your accomplishments
  • Post it only after you think you have made more than enough regular “fans” only from Instagram because this might not start conversions or drive sales but will certainly boost your brand name image and motivate individuals to try your products.

How to Find the Right Hashtag or Create a New One?

The most reliable and easiest way to reach more audiences comes from the proper use of hashtag as it can provide a significant increase in your marketing efforts. Startups need to use the popular and more relevant hashtag in every single post so that people who are currently searching or looking for posts based on that particular hashtag can see your product.

  • Keep in mind, nine hashtags per post increase the consumer-engagement rates. Do not use more than ten hashtags since that may have the opposite effect.
  • Try to stop using extremely generic hashtags that are typically flooded with posts. Instead, concentrate on more specific niche ones that are popular enough, however, do not have excessive competitors.
  • Later, you can also make your own hashtag which other brands and people can use connect with you. The benefit of doing this is that you can use one hashtag to promote all kinds of content throughout Instagram.

Work together With Influencers

Influencers are an essential part of the platform and have a considerable existence and lots of fans on Instagram. You can discover great influencers in your specific niche either by doing a manual search or by using influencer-search tools.

We have pioneered in brand consulting, and we suggest you search for influencers by a hashtag search. Go to the Instagram search bar and enter the most appropriate hashtags from your specific niche. For each hashtag, take a look at the posts that have used that hashtag and individuals who have published those. Try contacting them, and you're good to go.